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Questions: 14General FAQs
These are some Frequently Asked Questions that we often hear when talking with out customers. We have compiled a number of them and list them here. We hope you find the answer you have been looking for and if we missed your question please feel free to click on the contact us button and call or e-mail us with your question and we would be more than happy to answer it for you.
Questions: 5Troubleshooting FAQs
Valley Heating is committed to service well beyond the sale. If your unit goes down we will do everything in our power to get to you as soon as possible. It seems that units will only break down when the weather is at its worst. We will service our customers in the most efficient manner possible, but there are times when we get backed up and may not be able to get to you as fast as we would like.

We have compiled a list of frequent problems that are easily taken care of by you the homeowner. These are simple, no or low cost, fixes that may not only get you back into comfort much faster but will allow us to service customers with more urgent problems. A lot of the problems we are called out for fall into one of these categories.

If you cannot fix the problem with any of the following please let the person taking your information know what steps you have tried so we can narrow the problem down faster.
Questions: 11Heat Pump FAQs
The following are Questions and Answers about Heat Pumps. Valley Heating has been installing Heat Pumps in the Denver Metro Area for well over 15 years and has become known as your Metro Area Heat Pump specialists. In fact some HVAC suppliers have brought in Heat Pumps at Valley Heating's request. We hope that you find the following FAQs helpful.
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