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 What is a Heat Pump?

What is a Heat Pump, that is a good question.

A heat pump is a machine that can take heat from one place and then deliver that heat to another place at a higher temperature. This works very much in the same manner that your refrigerator or freezer does, only in reverse. Your freezer does not freeze your food; it just takes the heat out. Well a heat pump does the same thing; it takes the heat from outside your home and puts it inside.

There is a measurable amount of heat in the air even at temperatures below zero. However for efficiency reasons Valley Heating sets our thermistors at 30 degrees Fahrenheit. After 15 years installing Heat Pumps in the Denver area we have learned this is the best setting for most homes, however we can set them lower if you wish.

Valley Heating also installs a Duel Fuel Board when a gas furnace is installed with the Heat Pump. It is not true that Heat Pumps do not work with Gas Furnaces, 20 years ago this was the case, but since the early 90s the duel fuel board remedied this. You now can have the comfort of your gas furnace when temperatures drop below 30 degrees and have the money saving efficiency of the Heat Pump when temperatures rise above 30, making the Heat Pump a wise choice for Colorado.

In the summer the reversing valve comes into play and removes the heat from your house and cools the inside in the same manner an air conditioner does. Using your furnaces blower motor and a coil we can supply cooling to every part of your house with the same efficiency as when your Heat Pump is in heating mode.

An example of cost savings in the Denver area, from the Bryant website is around $772 per year. An Example on how a Heat Pump Works can be found here.
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