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Valley Heating's Filter Service

 Valley Heating will send you a Pleated Filter, sized to fit your furnace or filter grill, once a month, every month for twelve months. 

 Once a month for six months for homes without Air Conditioning.

· Improve Indoor Air Quality 

· Never forget to change your filter again!

· Experts recommend to change your filter once a month.

· Reduce costly repair costs.

· Never run to the store for filters again.  


Each month Valley Heating will send you a filter, just change it out when you receive it and forget about it until next month.  By changing your filter every month you can prolong the life of your blower motor and other parts of your furnace that are susceptible to dirt and dust. In addition you will find that dusting your home will become less necessary as the filters will remove it for you.


You get all this for $150.00* for the full twelve-month service and only $80.00* for the six month service.  

*Price May Very, depending on filter type.  Please call our office for more information. 303-659-1087

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