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Dog-Gone it! 

Valley Heating came across a situation we would like to pass along to you. This could save you a lot of money and possible loss of your cooling system.

Valley Heating has recently replaced a condensing unit that we installed 2 short years ago. After being called out because the unit was not cooling we found the problem, The homeowner's dog really liked the new Amana unit so much it 'marked' it as his own. In two years the continual marking ate away at the aluminum fins that transfer the heat and at the tubing that carries the refrigerant.

Amana Condensing Unit

Close Up

As you can tell the metal has been totally eaten away by the dog's urine. Unfortunately this is not something covered under the Goodman / Amana warranty. This is not something Valley Heating Comes across very often but it does happen. If you have a male dog that likes to mark its territory you may want to think about putting up a fence or some other form of deterrent around your condensing unit. Please keep in mind your condenser needs to breathe, we suggest a minumum of 18 inches from the edge of your unit to allow for air movment.

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